MDI Regional Offices

Chief Executive Officer (Interim): Elaine McDonnell, Tel: (01) 6236414. Email:

Eastern Region

Northern Area HSE (North side of Dublin)
Family Support Worker: Sinead O’Brien
Tel: 086 6066105 Email:
East Coast Area HSE (South Dublin Coast, Wicklow) & part of South Western Area HSE (South West Dublin, Kildare, Wicklow).
Family Support Worker: Mr. Shane O’Byrne.
Tel: 086 3830966 Email:
Youth Respite Worker: Amy McInerny
Tel: 086 6066109 Email:

North Eastern Regional Office

Muscular Dystrophy Ireland
North Eastern Health Board
Climber Hall, Kells, Co. Meath
Tel: 046 9280026
Family Support Worker: Linda Murray
(covering areas: Cavan, Louth, Meath & Monaghan).
Tel: 086 3834428 Email:
Youth Respite Worker: Amanda Gurren.
Tel: 086 6066108 Email:

Midlands Regional Office

Muscular Dystrophy Ireland
c/o MDI Office, Mullingar Employment Action Group,
The Enterprise Centre, Bishopsgate Street,
Mullingar, Co. Westmeath
Tel: 086 3899285
Family Support Worker: TBA
(covering areas: Longford, Offaly & Westmeath)
Tel: 086 6066106 Email:
Ms. Marie Kealy (covering Laois)
Tel: 086 6066107 Email:
Youth Respite Worker: Sinead Glennon
Tel: 086 3899285 Email:

Mid-Western Region

Muscular Dystrophy Ireland
c/o: Spina Bifida Association
Unit 10, Delta Retail Park, Ballysimon Road
Co Limerick. V94 R297
Family Support Worker: Tracey Griffin
Areas covered: Clare, Limerick and North Tipperary
Tel: 086 3879159

Western Regional Office

Muscular Dystrophy Ireland
Galway Technology Park, Tara Rock
Parkmore, Galway
Tel: 091 395497
Family Support Worker: TBA
Areas covered: Galway, Mayo & Roscommon
Tel: 086 6066106 Email:
Youth Respite Worker: Elaine Walsh
Tel: 086 3899286 Email:

North Western Regional Office

Muscular Dystrophy Ireland
c/o MS Society
28, Slieve Sneacht, Glencar
Letterkenny, Co. Donegal. F92 R254
Family Support Worker: Ms Sinead Gillespie
Areas covered: Donegal, Lietrim & Sligo
Tel: 086 3899279 E-mail:

South Eastern Region

MDI have no office in this region, but we have both a Family Support Worker and Youth Respite Worker based in this area which covers: Carlow, Kilkenny, Waterford, Wexford and South Tipperary.
Family Support Worker: Ms. Marie Kealy
Tel: 086 6066107 Email:
Youth Respite Worker: Ciara Martyn
Tel: 086 0465173 Email:

Southern Region

Muscular Dystrophy Ireland
c/o Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind
Model Farm Road, Cork T12 WT4A
Tel: 021 4214045
Family Support Worker: Lynne Dennehy
Areas covered: Cork & Kerry.
Tel: 086 3899266 Email:
Youth Respite Worker: Mary Rose O’Driscoll
Tel: 086 6066104 Email:

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1. Muscular Dystrophies

  • Becker muscular dystrophy
  • Duchenne muscular dystrophy
  • Manifesting carrier of Duchenne
  • Congenital muscular dystrophy - General
  • • MDC1A (merosin-deficient congenital muscular dystrophy)
  • • Rigid spine syndrome (RSS)
  • • Ullrich congenital muscular dystrophies
  • • Bethlem myopathy
  • Emery-Dreifuss muscular dystrophy

2. Myotonic Disorders

  • Congenital Myotonic Dystrophy
  • Myotonia
  • Myotonic Dystrophy

3. Congenital Myopathies

  • Central Core Myopathy
  • Minicore (Multicore) myopathy
  • Myotubular or Centronuclear myopathy
  • Nemaline myopathy

4. Mitochondrial Myopathies

  • Mitochondrial Myopathies

5. Metabolic Disorders

  • Metabolic disorders (general)
  • McArdle’s Disease
  • Pompe’s Disease

6. Periodic Paralyses

  • Periodic Paralyses

7. Autoimmune Myositides

  • Polymyositis, Dermatomyositis and Sarcoid myopathy
  • Juvenile dermatomyositis
  • Inclusion body myositis

8. Spinal Muscular Atrophies

  • Severe (Type I)
  • Intermediate (Type II)
  • Mild (Type III)
  • Adult spinal muscular atrophy

9. Hereditary Motor and Sensory Neuropathies

  • (Also known as Charcot-Marie-Tooth or Peroneal muscular atrophy)

10. Disorders of the Neuromuscular Junction

  • Congenital myasthenic syndromes
  • Myasthenia Gravis

11. Friedreich’s Ataxia

  • Facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy
  • Limb-girdle types of muscular dystrophy (LGMD) - General
  • • LGMD 1B (also known as Laminopathy)
  • • LGMD 1C (also known as Caveolinopathy)
  • • LGMD 2A (also known as Calpainopathy)
  • • LGMD 2B (also known as Dysferlinopathy)
  • • LGMD 2I
  • Ocular myopathies including ocularopharangeal muscular dystrophy

12. Other (Please Specify)

13. Unspecified